Monday, October 31, 2011

Enchantment Lake Taupo New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that has a beautiful natural scenery, lush forests, amazing wildlife, delicious food and wine, all of which will make the visitors spellbound. The youngest country in the world that has a diversity of scenery, culture and art are very close to each other.

Located in the heart of North Island volcanoes, Lake Taupo region is where there's largest freshwater lake in New Zealand, geothermal area is wonderful and famous Huka waterfalls.

A volcanic crater covering an area of ​​Singapore, Lake Taupo is formed from a volcano eruption in 181 AD. With an area of ​​616 sq km, Taupo is the largest freshwater lake in Australasia with water so clear that there are billions of freshwater fish that live there.

There are 47 rivers and streams of the river empties into Lake Taupo and the only one there is flow out, ie the river Waikato, New Zealand's longest river. Taupo town is located right on the edge of the lake, with hotels offering spectacular volcanic peaks snow-capped mountains in Tongariro National Park. Most Taupo accommodation package is equipped with a natural spa in the hot pool.

From Auckland, takes 4 hours to 40 minutes leading to the Taupo by car, or 45 minutes by air or 5 hours 25 minutes by train.

Visitors come to Lake Taupo to enjoy the scenery and challenging activities, accompanied by the hospitality of local culture. Communities on the edge of the lake it's turned on by places to eat, drink and party. And in the winter, try skiing on Mount Ruapehu until satisfied.

Geothermal activity in Lake Taupo include geysers, steaming craters, boiling mud pools, and some of the largest silica terraces in the world. Volcanic activity over thousands of years has formed the boiling crater, fumaroles and steam burst. Maori mythology is connected with peculiarities of geothermal features in this area.

Explore an active geothermal area with mud pools, craters and steam burst. Do not forget to also soak in natural hot water pools.

If you drive around the highway 'Volcanic Loop' famous, you can see Mount Ruapehu, Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe.

Here you can get to know the history of the extraordinary volcano that formed Lake Taupo and visit silica terraces that rivals the legendary Pink and White Terraces are commonly referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

In winter, you can try to ski on an active volcano. Mount Ruapehu is the presence of Turoa and Whakapapa ski field, the largest in New Zealand.

Shouting Time Limit

Challenge yourself with a desperate game, jumping from the edge of the cliff above the river Waikato. Parachuting in pairs to enjoy views of Lake Taupo from the top. Mountain biking through steep terrain, wild bushes (use the map to find the best terrain).

Your adrenaline racing with a 4x4 quad bike riding, off-road motor biking, trekking with horses, with replica race car racing, rock climbing or mountain boarding mountain boarding at the first location in New Zealand.

You can enjoy the river with activities such as trying to jet boating, whitewater rafting, kayaking or canoeing adventure with. If you want to wet-basahan, there is activity on the lake such as windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing, water skiing, wakeboarding and kayaking can be tested.

Huka waterfall (Huka Falls) is the natural attractions of the most visited in New Zealand. Here you can take fantastic photos. Approximately 220 thousand liters of water falling from the cliff every second. This waterfall is located in Wairakei Park, just 5 minutes drive to the north of Lake Taupo, or half-hour walk through the river. You can see this waterfall from some point.

Time to Pamper Yourself

Trout fishing should be a priority of your activities. This area is one of the center of the natural breeding of trout remaining in the world.

There is a rainbow trout or brown trout you can catch from Lake Taupo, or with a local guide you can try fly fishing on the Tongariro River. And there are plenty of restaurants there that are willing to cook your catch. Fishing activity can be done throughout the year here.

Try to ride a boat or kayak to explore the coves and secluded beaches. Visit also Maori carvings on the rocks at Mine Bay which is only accessible only by water.

Enjoy views of Tongariro National Park from the air using a helicopter or seaplane.

Here too there are six golf courses that can help you train your swing acuity. Relieve stress with a soak in the geothermal pool.

You can also walk along the wild bush or visit the botanical gardens. Previously, make sure you make a list of visits to private gardens open to visitors.

Taste also dine at one of the many restaurants there or unique, tasting shrimp from a geothermal farm. Take the map, then follow the trail of arts and crafts, or a walk in fashion shops in downtown.

New Zealand has four seasons: autumn (March to May), winter (June to August), spring (September to November), summer (December to February).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weird Things You Can Find in Singapore

Only in Singapore, you could lose S $ 100 before it was in the casino, in line two hours for bubble tea, and join a dating agency run by the government.

We all know about air conditioning in Singapore, shopping malls, hawker centers (Hawker), fines for littering and carrying durian. But did you know that Singapore also has a dating agency-sponsored by the government and the Hotel Merlion? Here are five other unique facts about this city-state.

1. Queue Length of Bubble Tea
We have never seen queues like this since Hello Kitty appeared at McDonald's. Trendy bubble tea shops such as Koi, Gong Cha and I Love Taimei really reap huge profits from the bubble tea enthusiasts who are willing to stand in line for up to two hours to get their favorite beverage.

2. Cafe Waitress
These girls wearing false eyelashes, big eyes like Bambi, and a French maid costume Japanese version in Akibanana Café and Bar (108 Tanjong Pagar Road, +65 6222 2087) to fulfill your every desire.

The Meido-san is going to feed you, tidy nails, and even give massages.

3. Hotel Merlion
The statue-shaped half fish, half-lion is undergoing a transformation from February 7 to 9 March to a hotel room while to accept guests who will stay overnight.

As if not enough Merlion disgraced, now a hotel was established in her name.

4. Import Duty S $ 100 For Casino
Singapore is the only country in the world to apply customs duties to the casino for the local population - something that is very absurd.

Many locals who have been arrested, fined and even jailed for using work permits to foreigners trying to enter the casino without paying import duties.

5. SDU = Single, Desperate, Ugly?
Oh false, meaning the Social Development Unit, a matchmaker agency-sponsored government. Be prepared to accept the invitation exclusive membership (with an annual cost of S $ 10) from the SDU if you are over 30 years old and still single.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anasazi ruins, ancient Heritage Site in America

Anasazi Pueblo tribe is the one with the ancient culture of Native Americans are believed to live in the 12th century BC. These ancient people known as the House was a very impressive Pueblo, made of mud, stone, or carved into the walls of the canyon, which is now called the Anasazi ruins.
These ruins can be found at many sites in the American Southwest, including Mesa Verde National Park, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Dark Canyon Wilderness, and other sites located predominantly in the state of Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.
All of these ruins is a sacred place and should be treated with respect when visiting because it is believed to be the ancestor of this ancient tribe residing.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Enjoying the Giant Sky Enchantment Door Tour In China

Heaven Door attraction is in the form of a giant oval hole on the top of the Mountains Tianmen, (1518 meters above sea level) Zhanjiajie City, Hunan Province, China. With beautiful natural panorama of snow-covered, is now opened to foreign tourists, particularly to Asia including Indonesia.

The sky is the door area attractions that can be classified as "new". Newly opened in Zhangjiajie in 2001, but has gotten high enough attention from domestic and foreign tourists, as well as a leading one in this town.

Doors The sky in the form of an oblong hole pointing upward, with the height 131.5 meters, width of 57 meters and reaches a depth of 60 meters. The mouth is the door through the top of the mountain, so it looks like a giant hole the beautiful.

To get to these locations can use the cable car to the rails to climb as far as 7.3 kilometers traveled about a half hour drive.

All the way with the carrying cable car, tourists will pass through the tops of mountains which are always a long line of snow in winter. Previously would pass before the township residents with a paddy field and garden vegetables are so vast and verdant look.

Heaven's Door hole also was able to walk up the tens of thousands of steps on the slopes of the rocky mountains. Besides that, the already completed a new roadway directly approaching the peak. Because through the mountains, the new road was filled with the condition of sharp bends in the steep cliff side.

Because of that, especially in the winter the road is forbidden to pass the car to the door of Heaven, because the condition of roads covered with snow which is certain to become very slippery which can result in very serious accidents.

Therefore, it is more advisable in winter, visitors to the site by using one-way cable car can contain up to 20 people per unit trains. Cable car that will go through a route through the beautiful scenery and fascinating journey along the rope hanging from the rails along the 7.3 kilometers.

Largest foreign tourists visit the attraction it is from Korea, while the total foreign tourists reached 800 thousand people per year.

Hunan Provincial Government as the manager of the site continues to promote the new attraction to the world, including to Indonesia with direct invite the leaders of travel agents to come visit the area.
The local government has opened the door wide open for the influx of tourists to see the greatness of God's creation on top of a mountian Tianmen Door giant sky is very fascinating. source

Monday, October 17, 2011

The beauty charm Gitgit Waterfall Tour, Bali

Waterfall Tour Gitgit located in the Village District Gitgit Sukasada Buleleng regency, Bali. Git-git waterfall is about 11 km from the city of Singaraja to the south toward the Village Pancasari and Bedugul.

Waterfall which has a height of about ± 35 meters is very beautiful and has a beautiful panorama and is in the cool temperate environment. Down by foot after passing the parking place Gitgit, Beside the pounding waterfalls and the sound of bird chirp, rice field, clove and coffee plantations / bamboo plants as well as along the road to the waterfall presents a peaceful and natural atmosphere.

In addition to pounding waterfalls and the sound of bird chirp, rice field, clove and coffee plantations / bamboo plants as well as along the road to the waterfall presents a green atmosphere, peaceful and natural. Along the way, if you want to take a souvenir, can also buy knick-knacks are sold by local residents. Will certainly complete your natural holiday in Bali.

Waterfall located 300 meters above sea level has three major waterfalls. The highest reaching 60 meters, and is the highest waterfall in Bali.

To see the falls up close, visitors must go through a path made ​​of cement. On the left side of the road there are some trees and vegetation are interspersed with a few shops. Rice fields and mountain scenery also be a bonus in itself.

Once the stepping foot into an uphill road, the scenery changed. On either side there are coffee, cloves and vanilla. In addition, although not specifically laid out, there are roses, hibiscus, lily, hydrangea, marigold (flower kotok dung), and the flower lady betel nut.

The trail was formerly built by the Dutch to use residents who want to pass to the next village. Since opening to the public in 1975, this waterfall into one of the destinations for North Bali area.

Not far from this waterfall there is a place of prayer. Some steps forward have the marquee. We can relax while looking at the beauty of waterfalls, the grandeur of the Creator, and enjoy the silence of nature is accompanied by the faint sound of water that never disappear. From another direction we can see the sights of the shallow river crossing bridge is decorated high enough.

Place location Waterfall distance approximately 500 meters from the highway agency, the atmosphere is still so naturally will be very challenging for those of you who like trecking tour. Here will feel comfortable because it would be much sound the roar of noise, the atmosphere is still maintained here purposely kealamianya. Along the road you will find plantations of clove, coffee, nutmeg, and cocoa.