Friday, October 21, 2011

Enjoying the Giant Sky Enchantment Door Tour In China

Heaven Door attraction is in the form of a giant oval hole on the top of the Mountains Tianmen, (1518 meters above sea level) Zhanjiajie City, Hunan Province, China. With beautiful natural panorama of snow-covered, is now opened to foreign tourists, particularly to Asia including Indonesia.

The sky is the door area attractions that can be classified as "new". Newly opened in Zhangjiajie in 2001, but has gotten high enough attention from domestic and foreign tourists, as well as a leading one in this town.

Doors The sky in the form of an oblong hole pointing upward, with the height 131.5 meters, width of 57 meters and reaches a depth of 60 meters. The mouth is the door through the top of the mountain, so it looks like a giant hole the beautiful.

To get to these locations can use the cable car to the rails to climb as far as 7.3 kilometers traveled about a half hour drive.

All the way with the carrying cable car, tourists will pass through the tops of mountains which are always a long line of snow in winter. Previously would pass before the township residents with a paddy field and garden vegetables are so vast and verdant look.

Heaven's Door hole also was able to walk up the tens of thousands of steps on the slopes of the rocky mountains. Besides that, the already completed a new roadway directly approaching the peak. Because through the mountains, the new road was filled with the condition of sharp bends in the steep cliff side.

Because of that, especially in the winter the road is forbidden to pass the car to the door of Heaven, because the condition of roads covered with snow which is certain to become very slippery which can result in very serious accidents.

Therefore, it is more advisable in winter, visitors to the site by using one-way cable car can contain up to 20 people per unit trains. Cable car that will go through a route through the beautiful scenery and fascinating journey along the rope hanging from the rails along the 7.3 kilometers.

Largest foreign tourists visit the attraction it is from Korea, while the total foreign tourists reached 800 thousand people per year.

Hunan Provincial Government as the manager of the site continues to promote the new attraction to the world, including to Indonesia with direct invite the leaders of travel agents to come visit the area.
The local government has opened the door wide open for the influx of tourists to see the greatness of God's creation on top of a mountian Tianmen Door giant sky is very fascinating. source


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