Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weird Things You Can Find in Singapore

Only in Singapore, you could lose S $ 100 before it was in the casino, in line two hours for bubble tea, and join a dating agency run by the government.

We all know about air conditioning in Singapore, shopping malls, hawker centers (Hawker), fines for littering and carrying durian. But did you know that Singapore also has a dating agency-sponsored by the government and the Hotel Merlion? Here are five other unique facts about this city-state.

1. Queue Length of Bubble Tea
We have never seen queues like this since Hello Kitty appeared at McDonald's. Trendy bubble tea shops such as Koi, Gong Cha and I Love Taimei really reap huge profits from the bubble tea enthusiasts who are willing to stand in line for up to two hours to get their favorite beverage.

2. Cafe Waitress
These girls wearing false eyelashes, big eyes like Bambi, and a French maid costume Japanese version in Akibanana Café and Bar (108 Tanjong Pagar Road, +65 6222 2087) to fulfill your every desire.

The Meido-san is going to feed you, tidy nails, and even give massages.

3. Hotel Merlion
The statue-shaped half fish, half-lion is undergoing a transformation from February 7 to 9 March to a hotel room while to accept guests who will stay overnight.

As if not enough Merlion disgraced, now a hotel was established in her name.

4. Import Duty S $ 100 For Casino
Singapore is the only country in the world to apply customs duties to the casino for the local population - something that is very absurd.

Many locals who have been arrested, fined and even jailed for using work permits to foreigners trying to enter the casino without paying import duties.

5. SDU = Single, Desperate, Ugly?
Oh false, meaning the Social Development Unit, a matchmaker agency-sponsored government. Be prepared to accept the invitation exclusive membership (with an annual cost of S $ 10) from the SDU if you are over 30 years old and still single.


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