Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Karya Seni Yang Sangat Menabjubkan,LUKISAN SEPERTI NYATA

Lukisan Paling nyata di dunia

He is painting 'Tica' by Dru Blair. This is a painting completed in February 2005. It may take a total of about 65-75 hours to complete. Picture a small step by step photos taken during the painting process, and the big picture the final painting after detail and skin texture is added with an eraser and colored pencil. The main colors are blocked in at the beginning, but repairs are charged to the end


ipuma said...

Bravo,verry good,is vive neo naturalisme aslike vive Raden Saleh,Mr.Reenbrand from Nederland.Iam also,as well as like drawing and relief art,yes as like photos is life,sampai tidak percaya dengan
teknik apa,alat apa ekspresi sangat nyata,trimaka
sih, akan menjadi motivasi,...rekor baru kali..

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