Friday, May 27, 2011


Eclyse declares the name of animals that have a unique color and appearance. Eclyse is the result of a mix of Zebra and Horse. Eclyse have the father of a zebra and a horse mother. Mixing between zebras and horses has been conducted since the colonial era but is other Eclyse than others because the color is very unique. Zebra's 1-year-old is a product that was not planned where her mother, Eclipse, was taken from his Safari Park in Germany to a farm in Italy for a short time for her mother could be free like other animals. And also so that she can wail like the wild horses and other zebras free. There the romantic incident occurred between the mother, Eclipse, with the father of a horse (no name for the father is).
When he returned to his house at Taman Safari, Eclipse of the mother gave birth to surprise the guard there with a zorse (zebra + horse = zebra + horse) who has a very beautiful color. Zorse was later given the name Eclyse. At the head Eclyse look like a zebra's head, then in the body take the horse's body, followed by another zebra abdominal body to the tail. Now Ecylse became the center of a spectacle at the Safari Park at Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, near the border between Germany and the Netherlands.

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