Monday, September 26, 2011

Faithful Cape Coast, Paradise of the surfer

Cape Coast is located in the village of Tanjung Setia Setia, South Coast District, West Lampung District, Lampung Province, Indonesia. Faithful Cape Coast is about 52 km from the town of Liwa, West Lampung regency capital., And can be reached also by land route as far as 273 km from Bandar Lampung.
The position of the strategic Cape Coast Faithful, which is located adjacent to the highway causing easily visited by tourists. Foreign tourists who come to this beach many originating from the United States, State of Australia and other European countries, they get the information about this beach is through the information conveyed by friends or acquaintances who had come earlier this kepantai and also the information they can through website created by the lovers of surfing world, they usually stay here a week up to two weeks.

Activity Holidays In Cape Coast Faithful
Tourism activities that can be done include surfing, diving, swimming, boating, fishing, sunbathing on the beach, walking along the beach, playing on the beach, camping, outbound. When the afternoon, tourists can watch the sun that will sunset (sunset).

Faithful Cape Coast is well known among Westerners, so that in certain months when waves at Cape Coast Faithful reached its peak altitude, the beach is crowded with foreign tourists to do the surfing activities.
For surfers, Tanjung Setia is a hidden paradise (the secret paradise). That's what dragged the prestige of Edu, from small countries of Europe, Basque, came to Cape Faithful. "Wow, look at waves That! Is not that great!" Edu said while welcome to the waves with his friend, Saturday (24-4). A moment later he stood on a surfboard and snaking down the long wave. Every now and then he moves up to the waves and quickly dived.

No less than 100 thousand foreign tourists as Spain, the United States, Australia, Portugal, and Holland visited here every year. Edu is five times come to Indonesia, claiming the new surf in Cape Faithful satisfied. "Scenery was nice. There is a mountain that can be seen from the beach. It could also travel to the jungle. The waves and long waves.

High waves at Cape Coast Faithful was named the third best beach bumpy world by the surfers of the world.

Wave heights at Cape Coast Faithful in May to August can reach heights of up to 7 meters, so the surfers feel very challenged to become the best surfers, while in other months of the high waves were on average four feet in the surf along the 200 meters.

Condition of coastal sea is still natural, not polluted and the air is very cool, calm and peaceful atmosphere and away from the noise. Pounding of waves tickling the heart, thus making the surfers do not want to miss a chance to surf in Cape Coast is Faithful. Pounding of the waves is not inferior to the existing beach on the island of Nias and the island of Bali, is not excessive if the Faithful Cape Coast beaches dubbed as the pearl buried.

Besides, the beach is also known as a tourist fishing, where many sea fish such as tuna and blue marlin. Air temperatures in coastal areas range between 29 ° C to 33 ° C.

Facilities Available Cape Coast area of ​​Faithful, Available residences, cottages.

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Photos of activities in the coastal headland faithful :


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