Thursday, September 29, 2011

But Unique Artistic Houses For Sale By Price High

You might be surprised to hear housing prices are unique and artistic. terkandang house design is not viewed from the luxury of materials made ​​for a building such as houses. but the value is seen there is a climate where we are in the building.
nah .. such as the following buildings .. there are some buildings with a design that is exclusive .. and must be rewarded with expensive .. But make no mistake once .. here also there are buildings that house not made ​​from expensive designya .. and the building is not so luxurious .. but you are going to be surprised to hear the price of this house.

1. Volcano House in Newberry Springs, California
Built in: 1968
Home prices: $ 750,000
This volcano house makes you like living in space that is surrounded by desert around you. If you do not feel the sensation of space, at least you will feel in a strange and other areas than others.

2. Bioscleave in East Hampton, New York
Built in: 2007
House Prices: 1,000,000
The house was built for the strange feeling you live in the place of art work. Of his land up and down like a ride down the mountain, until his garish colors, making you feel you're working and not given a chance to relax, that's what the goal.

3. Sporty Ranch in New Canaan, Connecticut
Built in: 1982
House Prices: 2,500,000
Living in this house will make you feel like living on the plantation but with luxury fixtures are available in it such as a swimming pool garden shades, the sport, and others.

4. Riverfront Playground at John's Creek, Ga.
Built in: 1992
House Price: $ 13,900,000
This house was built by the Egyptian style, so it is no wonder if you could see the statue of the Sphinx (lion man), faux, as well as Egyptian-style tomb. The house is also equipped with a chapel, swimming rengan shaped shells, and a series of other luxury goods.

5. Lyons Valley Castle in Jamul, Calif.
Built in: 1930
House Price: $ 1,750,000
The house in this valley has been built from 1930 and also shaped fortresses.

6. Apartment at Sea in the whole world
Built in: 2002
Apartment Prices: From $ 1.4 million to $ 13.5 million

Apartments in the oceans originates from the idea of ​​cruise ship. These apartments give you the opportunity to live in an apartment as she sailed the seas. For those deep pockets, apartment in the ocean is very attractive because the owners can determine their own apartment designs plus again they did not bother to book tickets for this cruise ship. Hmmm, really a very interesting idea.

7. Lighthouse in Deer Isle, Maine
Built in: 1990
Home prices: $ 2,873,000
The lighthouse-shaped home is situated on the waterfront so that makes you really like being on top lighthouse. You can see the waves from the height of the lighthouse windows.

8. Red Rock Castle Drive in Phoenix, Arizona.
Built in: 1977
Home prices: $ 3,500,000
30 years ago a dentist decided to stay at home shaped bastions. He built this house.

9. Batcave in Laguna Beach, California
Built in: 2004
Home prices: $ 11,850,000

You are lucky if you can see this house from the outside because the house is pretty much hidden from the people. Even to get to the site must pass through a hidden passage way.


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