Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FIXIE - Bicycles Cool Youth Today

FIXIE Bicycles synonymous with minimalist style, inexpensive and not complicated. Honda does not have brakes, pedals continue to spin during mengelinding wheel. That bike was a trend among the young to the workers. Using a bicycle not only as a means of transportation, but for the lifestyle. Building a fixie bike arguably easy easy difficult, so many affairs and some components can be combined with a racing bike components. Fixie bikes just more simple, like the young with its own style so that it can make the bike as they pleased.
Whether the hallmark of fixie bike?
Honda identical to the bicycle without brakes, without dynamic rear gear. All made ​​the fix, the wheel spinning spun the pedals come. Fixie bicycle brake pedal just rely on the power by holding down the pace or push the pedal to the rear and was supported from the front wheel.
Fixie bike tires too thin, so light when in genjot. and the other pulls on the handlebar. Where the handlebar or fixie bike handlebar made ​​with the perpendicular. Minimalist design characterize this single speed bike.

How to possess, build or make a fixie bike?
There are 2 options:

1.Beli so,
save time and effort, depending on the liver and budget prices. This option is good for those who do not have a bike or frame can not be bothered. Prices are relatively more expensive, and generally better quality components.
Fixie bike prices to a minimum with modest components can reach 1.5 million. Prices are pretty good fixie bike around 2.5 million or more. While the price of generic types of assemblies fixie bike with good components reached 3.5 million and above. Type branded bike fixie generally be above 4 million, depending on the components that are in.

2. Assemble or modification of the former bicycle.
What is more troublesome, but when the liver so it will meet the owner. Buy from a blank frame has been sold, or can choose a plain frame and the paint itself.
Can also use the old racing bike frame. Components of the wheel is removed and replaced with a simple fixie bike components. For an old racing bike frame size is generally still be used, the average bike fixie designed for 700C tires. So it could be a long bike road bike type of hubs include a smaller type of 700C. Want to leave a history on the bike, may also retain the handlebar road bike. The rest should be modified.
What is the uniqueness of the bike fixie?
This style of your bike, follow the tastes of the color problem. Fixie bikes components this year has been very plentiful and inexpensive. Want to change their tires with a red color may also, or yellow milk is also there, or make a bicycle with white it also.
Affairs of the frame, the frame type of assembly when buying more exciting. Purchase a plain frame and in the paint at will its owner.
Rim wheels or fixie, various models have the same shape, although round but there are some wheels made ​​thicker. Color from black and white has a lot of the market.
Stang Affairs fixie bike is also unique. Made shorter so that it can slip between the vehicle congestion. Want to retain the old bicycle handlebar or the handlebar may also.
The most cool with fixie bikes, this bike can back and forth at will. Encouraged to forward or backward encouraged the bike going backwards. Understandably these bikes generally use the back teeth of type fixed gear or fixed gear.
To be sure, because it follows a minimalist style. Honda is lighter. Average weight of not more than 11kg, there is even much lighter.


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