Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Without Base, U.S. experts pointing Muslim Radicalism Trigger Europe

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Sofia - The Muslim population in European cities exceeded 20 percent. Significant number of people concerned about increasing Muslim population will be accompanied by an increase in radicalization.

International security experts and Islamic radicalization, Hudson Institute, Washington, Alex Alexiev said the serious problems facing European society is the presence of radicalism in the blue continent. According to him, the experts agreed the Western European region is the site with a high Muslim radical movement.

"Although high, the Balkan Peninsula region more vulnerable to radicalization. Therefore, the influence of organizations in Western Europe who support radical organizations controlled by Saudi Arabia and other organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, "he said as quoted by novinite.com, Monday (15 / 8).

Alexiev explained, in an interview with news agency Focus, the condition had escaped public attention because the majority of Muslims living in Western Europe. Meanwhile, Muslims in rural areas and small towns are extremely rare.

For example, Muslims in Marseille to reach 30 percent of the population or 50 percent of the population aged 20 years. It can be concluded, he said, Marseille was leading a Muslim city. "Similar conditions occurred in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Malmo and Antwerp," Alexiev said.

He also noted that there is an area in the heart of London where the Muslim population below 20 years constitute the majority. This fact clearly increase the risk of entry of radical elements.

"The riots of London in recent days involving people from Caribbean, African-Americans, and some individuals with big beard and no mustache. Something that is typical of Islam. They still bearded, but in the short mustache model, "he said.

According to Alexiev, such a community fails to adapt to European culture and reluctant intend to integrate. ''Obviously, the matter would pose a big threat in the future, "he added.



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