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Unlike the past, now we have the opportunity to choose our own governors. We follow the campaigns as they show how wise they were. because the most bijkasana that would be our choice, is not it gan? Well, in the reigning monarch of people can not choose. Anyone born of the royal family could be the next king. sometimes elected king is an intelligent person, but sometimes also a king who was crazy / weird. The following list of ten kings strange:

Justin II

Justin II was the nephew of Justinian I. Justin II, famous for his throne berodanya and bite that hurts everyone in the palace. In the last days as emperor he ordered the band to play all the time in order to calm the mind.
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Ibrahim I

Sultan Ibrahim I was in the Ottoman Empire which ruled only eight years [1640-1648]. But, in power for a while does not mean do not have time to cultivate popularity. Ibrahim I could make him famous thanks to his obsession in women fat. He often ordered his men to find the fattest woman in the world. And the most beloved is a woman who weighs about 330 pounds. He called her with affection calls "A piece of sugar." Because of his love, he gave her government pension and call the Governor General of Damascus.


Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon [605 BC-582 BC] was known for his monumental work: the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But, perhaps not many know that he had in the wilderness for several years. According to legend, after years of constructing the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, he was humbled by God so that he spent seven years living in the wild. He imagined himself as a goat, cows eat grass together. After reasonable unsound claim to recover, he went back to the palace.

Ludwig II of Bavaria

Ludwig II of Bavaria from 1845 hingga1886 master. He is known for his eccentric style of government in regulating and animonya in the art. He reportedly suffered from mental illness, but it was never proven. However, he once said to himself: "I want to remain an eternal enigma to myself and others." And his death also remains a mystery, while his obsession to build a fantasy castle expensive nan did not materialize. Ironically, the castle, the castle has become a lucrative tourist attraction.


First two years of his reign, the emperor Caligula was known as a moderate. But, he was then insane. He is cruel, like the sexual deviations, extravagant, luxury and tyrants. In fact, he boldly claimed to be God. He began performing with such clothing and introduced himself as the god Jupiter in public events or when he signed the document. Finally, it deletes the gods of the Roman faith and establish himself as a god who lived physically.

Charlotte of Belgium

Charlotte is the consort of Emperor Maximilian I [Mexico]. They live together in Mexico. When Charlotte had to go back to Europe to speak with the Pope, the madness began. First, in a letter sent to her husband who was on the battlefield, he describes Napoleon III [French] as people possessed by demons. Then, during the visit of the Vatican, one morning he rushed to the residence of the Pope and shouted that his staff tried to poison him. After that he put his finger in a cup of milk chocolate and lick it. And not only that. He declined the offer to sleep in the room and choose to sleep in the Vatican library. The next day he visited an orphanage with a handkerchief on his face, burning his hands, and showed the chickens in his room attached to the table.

Joanna of Castile

Joanna, or better known as Juana la Loca (Joanna the Mad) was the queen of the throne to replace her late husband, Philip. He really loved her husband. When her husband died, his mental health decline. He always opened the coffin of her husband. Embracing and kissing. When he had to move from the palace of Burgos because of the epidemic, she brought along her husband's coffin ..

Robert III of Scotland

King Robert III of Scotland is very concerned about the future of his kingdom because of the character of his ancestors. His son, David, high-spirited but spoiled. Robert gave his son the name of Robert Duke of Rothesay and gave him the royal authority, hoping that will change the attitude of the child. But the behavior of the child instead increasingly likely. He is survived by his fiancee and make Robert of Fife as the enemy. Robert of Fife later managed to persuade Robert III to arrest his own son. David was imprisoned in place of his uncle, Falkland Palace. There, David died. Robert III, who left David later also worried about the future of another son, James. He finally sent the boy was 11 years old to a rocky island to wait for the ship that would take him to France. James then became the British hostages. Robert III depression, refused food and died several days later.

Murad IV of Turkey

Murad IV known for his cruelty. That said, he has cut off 25,000 human head during his administration. He imposed a ban on smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee throughout the empire. If someone is caught breaking the rules, he would lose his head. Musicians also killed simply because it plays a Persian song.

Besides like to kill, he is also famous because he was a homosexual and woman hater. By the end of his life he continued to show his hatred of women. One day, when he met with a group of girls singing in the meadow, he ordered his soldiers to drag them because they are considered to disturb his composure.

Alfonso VI of Portugal

It is believed that Alfonso VI of mental disability. Style dressed very nyeleneh. He wore six or seven coats at once, stacked three or four hats on his head. In addition, he devotee wild party and use the royal authority to have sex with the nuns. He does not want to bother going to church, so he asked the priest to conduct Mass in his bedroom. Then he got married, but he ignores his wife. Wife who then removed from the throne of the kingdom.


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