Saturday, May 7, 2011

Forest Types and Functions of Forest in Indonesia

Kinds / Types of Forests In Indonesia And Function Forests For Life On Earth Indonesia is one country that has vast forest in the world. Forest area is used to reach 113 million hectares and continues to be reduced drastically due to ignorance and criminal elements in government who are always hungry for money with a chop and denude forests for large profits without looking at the impact of the global environment. 

Here below are the division of all kinds / types of forest in the Republic of Indonesia with the meaning of the definition and understanding:
1. Mangrove Forest
Mangrove forests are forests that grow in coastal areas muddy. Example: the east coast of Borneo, the south coast cilacap, etc..
2. Forest Sabana
Forest forest grassland savanna is spacious with a very small number of trees with low rainfall. Example: Nusa southeast.
3. Swamp Forest
Swamp forest is a forest in swampy areas with palm plants growing in swamp forest. Example: southern Papua, Kalimantan, and so on.
4. Tropical Rain Forest
Tropical rain forest is dense forest / jungle forest that grew around the equator / ukuator that have rained rainfall is very high. Forest type this one has a high humidity level, landless fertile, high humus and wet and difficult to enter by humans. This forest is very popular illegal logging and illegal loggers are also wicked fun destroying forests and cost the state billions of dollars. Example: Borneo forest, Sumatran forests, etc..
5. Forest Season
Monsoon forest is a forest with high rainfall but had a long drought period that renders the leaves in the forest surrounding the dry time.
In addition, forests are divided / divided by function, namely:
1. Forest Tourism
Forest tourism is used as a forest nature reserve that is intended to protect the plants and animals / endangered species so as not to perish / extinct in the future. Forest nature reserve is prohibited to cut down and converted the function compromised as open forests. Usually the tours into the forest recreation research people and places.
2. Forest Reserves
Forest is a forest reserve is used as agricultural land and settlements. On the island of Java there are about 20 million hectares of forest reserves.
3. Protected Forest
Protected forest is a forest that functioned as guardian ketaraturan water in the soil (the function of hydrolysis), keeping the soil to prevent erosion and to regulate the climate (climatological functions) as the mitigation of air pencematan like C02 (carbon dioxide) and C0 (carbon monoxide). Protected forests is protected from destruction blindly logging is generally found in the vicinity of the slopes and the beach.
4. Production Forest / Forest Industry
Ie production forest is a forest that can be managed to produce something of economic value. Production forest can be categorized into two groups namely the rain forests and forest cultivation. Rain forests are natural forests, while forest cultivation is deliberately managed forests man who usually consists of one crop only. Cultivated jungle man must cut down trees premises selective logging system by selecting the tree age and size just enough for a child who did not participate damaged.


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