Saturday, May 7, 2011

Legenda Kota Surabaya

Folklore of East Java

Previously, in the vast sea of ​​frequent fights between sharks Sura with Crocodile. They fight just because of fighting over prey. Both are equally strong, equally deft, equally smart, equally fierce, and are equally greedy. Already many times they fight has never been anyone else winning or losing. Eventually they entered into an agreement.

"I'm tired of constantly fighting, Crocodile," said Sura fish.

"Me too, Sura. What should we do so that we no longer fight, "said Vera.

Sura Shark who already have rertcana to stop perkelahiannya with Crocodile immediately explained.

"To prevent a fight between us, we should divide the territory into two. I am able sepenuhnyadi in water and must find prey in the water, while you power on the mainland and prey must be located on the mainland. As the boundary between land and water, we set the limit, ie the place reached by sea water when the tide! "

"Whether I agree with that idea!" Said the Crocodile.

With the division of territory, it is no longer a fight between Sura and Crocodile. Both have agreed to honor their respective territories.

But one day, Shark find prey in the river Sura. This is done by stealth for Crocodiles do not know. At first it memarig not get caught. But one day Crocodile Shark caught doing this Sura. Of course, very angry seeing Crocodile Shark Sura breaking his promise.

"Hi Sura, why do you break the rules we agreed together? Why do you dare to enter the river which is the area of ​​mercy? "Asked Vera.

Shark Sura did not feel guilty calm. "I violated the agreement? Is not this river water.

Did not I tell that I was the ruler in the water? Well, this river is it is water, so it also includes areas mercy, "Shark said Sura.

"What? The river was' curry place on land, while the regional powers in the sea, meaning the river is an area of ​​my power! "Crocodile insisted.

"No way. I "do not ever tell you that in water only sea water, but river water," Shark said Sura.

"You're deliberately looking for trouble, Sura?"

"No! I think the reason is strong enough and I was in the right! "Said Sura.

"You deliberately mengakaliku. I'm not as stupid as you think! "Said the crocodile was getting angry.

"I do not care you're stupid or smart, the important river water and sea water is my power!" Sura still do not want to lose.

"Then you really mean to lie to me? Thus our agreement null and void! Who has the most powerful force, he shall become the sole ruler! "Said the Crocodile.

"Fighting again, who takuuut!" Challenged Sura with pongahnya.

Fierce fight between Sura and Crocodile Shark happen again. The battle this time more exciting and powerful. Hit each other and pouncing, biting and hitting each other. In an instant, the water around it became red with blood coming out from the wounds of both the animal. They continued to fight desperately with no break at all.

In this fierce battle, Crocodile Shark bites Sura get on base of its tail to the right. Furthermore, their tails are always forced to turn to the left. While fish is also tergigiut Sura until nearly severed tail and fish Sura returned to the ocean. Crocodiles have been satisfied to maintain the area.

The battle between Shark named Sura with Crocodile is very memorable in the hearts of the people of Surabaya. Hence, the name of Surabaya always been associated with this event. From this incident and then made the symbol of Surabaya Municipality is drawing sura fish and crocodiles.

However adajugayang opinion comes from the word Surabaya Sura and Baya. Sura means Jaya Baya meant danger or safe, so Surabaya means survivors face the danger. The danger in question is serangah Tar-tar soldiers who want to punish the King Jawa.Seharusnya Kertanegara convicted is because Kertanegara already been killed, then stormed by the army Jayakatwang Tar-tar. After defeating Jayakatwang people Tar-Tar seize property and dozens of beautiful girls to take to China. Raden Wijaya sepereti not bear this. With a sniper tactics, Raden Wijaya attack soldiers at the port of Tar-Tar Edge Galuh until they withdrew back to China.

Furthermore, from the days events Raden Wijaya victory is defined as the anniversary of Surabaya.

Surabaya seemed destined to continue in turmoil. On 10 Nopmber 1945 is proof of identity citizens of Surabaya that is the courage to face danger British and Dutch attacks.

At the present, fighting battles and ground water areas continues. At the time of the rainy season arrives sometimes flood control of the city of Surabaya. In the dry season sometimes tenpat-place pool of water into dry land. That Surabaya.


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