Friday, July 8, 2011

Mengenal Sejarah Batu Berlian

We must have known what it was a diamond .. yes .. diamond is a stone of very high-value price .. not everyone can have it. because the price is so expensive. nah .. maybe we'll wonder why so valuable a diamond stone. let us know and learn the history of the origins of diamonds.
Diamonds from the deepest part of the volcano which also contains carbon atoms and. In fact, diamond is a transparent crystal that binds the four parts of carbon atoms. Diamond stones carried by the surface of the earth through volcanic eruptions. According to research, increasing the diamond surface of the earth due to melt stone. Diamond developed from many miles inside the earth's surface, at depths 150 km (90 miles), at a pressure of about 5 giga pascal with temperatures around 1200 degrees Celsius (2200 degrees Fahrenheit). Diamonds may be a natural form of other suitable high pressure, relatively at low temperatures. Unfortunately the diamond can not be formed from under the sea.
Since ancient times even when naming the diamond itself, diamonds known as the hardest material to a third after the 'Aggregated diamond nanorods' and 'ultrahard Fullerite'.
Historically, the name of the diamond itself is derived from the ancient Greek language meaning "Invincible"
Diamond surface of the earth appears already very long, ranging from 1 to 3.3 billion years ago. Diamond was first recognized and mined in India. In the past, there are references found in a Buddhist text, one of the Sanskrit text (Anguttara Nikaya) which was then around 296 BCE disempunakan ago. The text also tells about the main characteristics of diamonds that sparkle shine. At that diamonds are associated with the name of the deity (God), as a symbol of religious decorations. Diamonds are believed to bring good luck to anyone who has it. In India, the owner is limited by caste-based colors. Only the King should be allowed to have all color diamonds.
As the times finally diamonds can be traded in the East and West India and can be used in various cultures to Gemology, or industry.
In Europe, diamonds disappeared for almost 1,000 years following the development of Christians. They reject the existence of a diamond that was originally believed to be used as Talismans. This was strongly opposed by Christians. Because according to their beliefs, only God can be trusted.
However, the popularity of diamond-back ride that is widely used as a gemstone. This is due to the increased availability of the diamond itself such as the development of European history.
In France, in the 13th century King Llouis IX established the law that states that only the King who may have a diamond
In February 2005, the Team America (U.S.) and China provide Archaeologists report on the discovery of four aluminum wealth derived from the tomb stone at the time it became traditional Chinese culture. In 4000 BCE-2500 BCE, the scientists found the ax luminous powder believed to be polished with a diamond that looks much more menarik.Di China, diamond is used to complement other diamonds, one of which is a gauge or a complementary 'Jade' (moss green gem ).

After centuries, among the aristocratic, increasingly popular as a diamond gemstone. Of course, only among those with the money and her class. Usually used as wedding rings. In accordance with the times, continuing and growing popularity with many changes in the application of aesthetic conformity diamond shape. Diamonds remain to be proving popular with a variety of classes throughout the price is still affordable. Diamonds became one of the objects is very important because it can develop in the world buying, selling, and even entered in the records of crime to politics.

The latest news according to the Washington Post dated March 5, 2007, has discovered a new type of diamond in the country of Canada. Discovered by an expert stone for years to finance a diamond search neighboring country. Admittedly, this diamond belongs to North America. This makes Canada mandapat a torrential flow of money as the country's third diamond inventor.


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