Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beberapa Contoh SMS Penipuan

1. Congratulations you get a prize of Rp.18 million please circuited 0 8393 ** *** * etc. ..
2. Please buy my mother used to pulse A * 25rb, new under-mama, this number 085 276 rapidly ***** IMPORTANT yes because mommy again!.
3. Dear: X (name of student), immediately contact the cpc Dr.HM Wahyudin Zarkasyi, Sk Kadisdik Jabar: 0878 8873 2349, Free Seminar Subject Of Higher Education (From PR I Unpad).
4. Assalamualaikum .. please do not be deleted, this text of mom said (caretaker Mecca) he had a dream, met Muhammad PBUH Rasullullah In the dream he was told, strengthened faith and worship, because the world has been shaky and old. Please spread this sms to 20 Muslims, God willing, within 10 days you will be a big fortune, and if not made ​​its way then you will find it difficult to incessant. By Allah proved.
5. This is Mama, mama Fill in the first pulse to Number 25rb new mom, this number 085 276 rapidly ***** yes .. do not call Mom once again because the police office.
6. Congratulations You Win the Lottery 1 Unit Daihatsu Xenia, For Confirmation Call: BPK.SISWOYO in 0816 *****
7. My friends were Accidents, Please Fill Toll Aja How To Number 0816 *****
8. Your Mobile Number to Get Shopping vouchers at Sun As No. Best Pro ** Central Jakarta. N / info Complete Contact: 0818 65 0812 18 ***** ****/
9. Congratulations You Win Sweepstakes Grand Prize 2011 from HALO POINTS Rp. 25.000.000, - U / confirmation Hub.Layanan TELKOMSEL tel. 021 386 0812 884 **** & *****


IF ONE IS FRAUD SMS or just kidding ... YES?

10. Papa Again this Dipinjem Org Wife, Please Send a Condom Papa, Papa bear Again, msh above the stomach, do ditelp or SMS entar Papa Shocked At Exit In .. "


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