Wednesday, June 1, 2011


AeroFarms has developed a proven system of advanced aeroponics to grow plants without soil or sun, all year long and in any location. System of vertically stackable and very suitable for warehouse-type building long or empty, abundant in urban areas. Lighting system has a 24 / 7 that controls, temperature and humidity, accelerating the growth cycle of 35-70 days to 18-21 days. While aeroponic technology is the core of the system, the development of media ownership grows, lighting and mechanical design of all integral in making the system superior AeroFarms.

Metode Aeroponik

Aeroponics is the kind of cutting-edge technology of hydroponics is growing plants in the fog. The most efficient aeroponic mist provides roots with hydration, nutrients and oxygen it needs. AeroFarms have designed the system to eliminate clogging the nozzle and reduce water consumption through re-circulation of nutrients.

Metode Kain

AeroFarms' has developed a media, proprietary fabric that can be reused. AeroFarms system uses cloth as a conveyor belt that moves from one end of the plant systems where they are seeded into the other end where they are harvested. The cloth has a number of benefits such as durability and can be reused, improving hygiene and sanitation, and harvest the products efficiently from dry and clean.

Metode Lampu LED putih

AeroFarms is pioneering the use of LED (light emitting diode) lighting system for commercial plant. There is great potential for the use of LEDs around cost reduction and increased yield. LEDs have a life expectancy 10 times greater than HPS lamps, yielding a total cost of ownership is lower. LEDs can also be designed in the form of linear and rectangular which allows complete uniformity of results, compared with HPS bulbs are not evenly distribute light for plants. Another advantage of LEDs is the ability to target a specific wavelength of light, enabling it to reduce energy consumption and improved nutrition. Finally, LEDs can be placed closer to plants than HPS lamps, allowing greater vertical pile-capacity modules.

Manajemen Hama Terpadu
Growing in a standard structure change and environmental pressures on pest insects. Plants grown in the machine in the building and not out in the open where they attract pests. Media fabric grow cleaned between each growth cycle 18-21 days. Most of the pest cycle more than 21 days that damage. Many other aspects of the design remain, including how to minimize exposure to pests and reproduction. By design AeroFarms resistant pests, pesticides are not needed. No special seed is needed, so free of pesticides and organic seeds can be used.

Metode Modularity

The size and configuration AeroFarms highly customized system. The system consists of modules, which serve as building blocks of a system that can be stacked vertically or mounted lengthwise. Modular approach allows flexibility of location, a higher yield per square foot, and faster installation time.



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